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Playbook for Video-Powered Professional Learning

take video professional learning from theory into practice
  • Detailed implementation guides
  • Tools for building video analysis skills
  • Customizable for your district
  • Connected to underlying research

12 Video-Powered Professional Learning Strategies

Classroom Tour

Teachers narrate a walk-through of their empty classroom or workspace, highlighting why and how the physical space and materials are organized to support student learning.


Teacher records a video describing his or her goals for individual students, an entire class, or their own professional growth, as well as why those goals matter to student learning and well-being.


Teachers record themselves rehearsing portions of upcoming instruction in order to refine their practice before implementing with students.

Longer-Range Reflection

Teachers examine a recent video alongside previously reviewed videos and commentary in order to identify evidence of change in practice over time and to discern the contributing factors.

Video Observation

Teachers capture footage to determine the current state of teaching and learning and, independently or with a partner, determine next steps to support continued professional growth.

Skill Building Sequence

Teachers watch and analyze an example video that models a specific skill, enact that specific skill in a video of their own, and share footage with a coach, in order to provide a checkpoint on their skill development.

Example Analysis

Teachers independently analyze a video clip of instruction to deepen their understanding of what constitutes quality teaching and learning.

Iterative Investigation

Teachers engage in a structured cycle of inquiry within their classrooms to improve instruction, student and teacher experiences, and student outcomes.

Video Rounds

A team of educators view and discuss video clips from multiple classrooms to identify and learn from trends across a school or system. A video-based version of Instructional Rounds.

Virtual Walk-Through

Observers view short segments of lesson-length video footage, aiming to identify trends in teaching and learning across classrooms and to provide accurate and specific feedback to teachers.

Video Learning Community

Teachers view, analyze, and discuss footage of one another’s classrooms in order to fuel collective improvement of the community members.

Online Lesson Study

A group of educators work collaboratively to focus on specific goals for student learning and well-being, deeply examine instructional materials, design and teach a lesson, and discuss the results.



Adam Geller is the founder and CEO of Edthena. He started his career in education as a science teacher in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 2011, Adam has overseen the evolution of Edthena from a paper-based prototype into a research-informed and patented platform used by schools, districts, teacher training programs, and professional development providers. Adam has written on education technology topics for various publications including Education Week, Forbes, and edSurge, and he has been an invited speaker about education technology and teacher training for conferences at home and abroad.


Edthena is the award-winning classroom observation platform for using teaching videos as part of professional development. Teachers upload classroom videos to share with colleagues who leave time stamped comments. Edthena also offers specialized collaboration tools to help organizations implement best practices for video-based professional learning. Edthena is the recipient of numerous awards from organizations such as SIIA, District Administration, and Tech & Learning. For more news about Edthena, visit http://blog.edthena.com.

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